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Slabbekoorn Fruit

About Slabbekoorn Fruit

Slabbekoorn Fruit is a fruit farm of approximately 70 hectares, 5 of which are used as arable farmland. We grow our fruit in three different locations in Zeeland: Eversdijk, Kruiningen and Kats. The company is run by Martijn and Jessica Slabbekoorn. 

What We Grow

We grow several different varieties of apples and pears, including Conference, Beurré Alexander Lucas, and Elstar. We also grow strawberries. We sell some of our produce through our own fruit machine in Kapelle. Our main site is in Eversdijk (municipality of Kapelle, Zeeland). This is where the warehouses for storage and cooling are located, as well as our offices and on site accommodation for migrant workers.


Our ancestors planted their first orchards during the late 19th century. Today, a sixth generation of our family continues to develop the farm. We like to test and try out all kinds of new techniques and means to improve yields and quality.

How we work


We grow sustainably. Wherever we can, for instance, we use natural enemies to combat diseases and plagues. We also have three weather stations that provide input for computer models that monitor the course of various plant diseases. That way, we can limit the use of pesticides.

In addition to the environment, we’re also mindful of working conditions. We use Pluck-o-Track machines (see first photograph below in the photo gallery) to make the work as pleasant as possible for our labourers. For more information about working with a Pluk-o-Track, click here.

Each Day is Different

The beauty of our work is that it’s so incredibly diverse. There’s so much you need to know about. One day you’re studying insects under a magnifying glass and the next you’re covered in grease fixing a tractor. No two days are ever the same!


Our Projects

We try wherever possible on our farm to automate processes, or make them easier. By using precision techniques, for instance, like remote sensing using drones, soil scanners and PWM sensors. In addition, we employ an RTK GPS precision positioning system, as well as chain registration by scanning throughout the fruit chain.

We take part in several projects researching these and other technologies, and testing them in practice.

Fruit Machine

Fruit, Juice and Honey

In april 2020 we’ve installed our own fruit machine! Today we already have two of them. You’ll find them in the vestibule of our new office building on Eversdijkseweg 18A in Kapelle. The machines vend honey and several kinds of juice from our orchards all year round. In season, you can also buy strawberries, apples, pears and grapes. Come and check it out!



Everybody’s welcome!

We currently employ two permanent staff members. During busy times of year, we call in the help of seasonal workers. We take on both Dutch and foreign migrant workers; everybody’s welcome! Would you like to come and help stock supermarkets with delicious, fresh fruit? Click on the button below to see our vacancies!

Nice Work

In addition to the environment, we’re also mindful of working conditions. We use Pluck-o-Track machines, for instance, to make the work as pleasant as possible.

Check out our vacancies and work-placement opportunities


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Slabbekoorn Fruit

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